Everything in today’s society except for the air we breathe and the water we drink from a faucet was at one time or another transported by a truck with a driver behind the wheel.
Baldwin Express is located in Amarillo, Texas. The Baldwins have been in the trucking business for over 50 years having hauled sand & gravel, oil field pipe, compressed natural gas and refrigerated goods. Baldwin operates in 2 different fleets! If you don’t like one you can move to another. 1st fleet hauls reefers going from Texas to the Southeast, Midwest and West. 2nd fleet does reefers hauling between their plants and we can pick areas to run anywhere in the US. Our main shop is in Amarillo, Texas (Baldwin Truck & Trailer Repair). Our shop manager is Randy Weathers and he has many years in the truck repair business. Lacye Comer is head of dispatch and well known amongst driver as being the best! Kathy Baldwin is in charge of payroll and HR. We treat our drivers like people - not numbers - and we’re here to get to know you and help where needed. As owners, Dudley and Shannon Baldwin have seen it all and know the ins and outs of the trucking industry. We have great customers who love us and our drivers. Come meet us and enjoy driving for Baldwin

Welcome to Baldwin Express

Baldwin Express

Baldwin Express is located at

7600 East I-40 exit 74 in

Amarillo, Texas

We’re on the east bound access


Local - 806-383-7650

Toll Free - 800-692-1333

Recruiting - 866-4-BALDWIN

Shop - 806-350-7700

Dudley - dudley@baldwinexpress.net

Lacye - lacye@baldwinexpress.net

Shannon - shannon@baldwinexpress.net

Kathy - kathy@baldwinexpress.net

Randy - shop@baldwinexpress.net

Our new address is 7600 East I-40 exit 74 in Amarillo, TX.

We’re on the east bound access road. Coming

improvements include an air-conditioned Driver’s Den /

Break Room and a dog park for your fur buddy!